How ClickShare and its partners create meaningful workplaces

Classic corporate meeting room 

Size: Large – seats for 8

Function: This is a boardroom suitable for more formal discussion, strategic decision-making and video conferencing with dual screen displaying people and content at all times. The room features a ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd gen designed for high-impact rooms allowing one-click wireless video conferencing and powerful Logitech AV equipment for sharp audio and crisps views.


  • ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation
  • Logitech Rally Bar
  • Logitech Mic Pods 
  • Logitech Rally Mic Pod Hub 

Front row room with Poly

Avocor logo

Size: Medium – seats for 6

Function: This meeting room with an auditorium setup facilitates seamless collaboration, fostering a sense of inclusion similar to a round table discussion where all participants see each other perfectly. The room features a fixed Microsoft Teams Room system and a ClickShare CX-50 2nd gen that enables wireless conferencing via multiple platforms (Zoom, WebEx, etc.). 


  • ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation  
  • Avocor AVL-1050 Ultrawide 21:9 Display 
  • Poly Studio E70 
  • Poly Sync 60 
  • HP Elite Slice G2 

Large ideation room with AVer & Shure

Aver logo
Shure logo

Size: Large – seats for 6

Function: This meeting room has a unique, flexible setup perfect for interactive meetings and breakout sessions. Multiple cameras and microphones in the room make sure to make remote participants enjoy an inclusive meeting experience. 


  • ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation
  • ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation  
  • AVer MT300 with multi-camera   
  • AVer PTC310UV2  
  • AVer PTZ310UNV2 4K NDI PTZ Camera 
  • AVer MT300 Matrix Tracking Box 
  • Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone  
  • Shure MXN5W-C Networked Loudspeaker  
  • Shure P300 Audio Conferencing Processor  
  • Shure A910-HCM Ceiling Mount for MXA920 

Breakout room with Poly

Size: Large – seats for 6

Function: This meeting room features two separate meeting areas, suitable for smaller meetings or breakout sessions. The American dining-style area is great for informal in-person or video meetings, with an OwlLabs 360° camera for great views. The high-table setup is a standard hybrid meeting setup featuring a Poly Studio X52 video bar. 


  • ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation 
  • Poly Studio X52 
  • Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3 

Furniture solutions by Orangebox

For nearly 20 years Orangebox, have been designing and manufacturing furniture solutions for the contemporary workplace.   

Their high-quality products complement the human aspect of meetings, supporting people to collaborate in an easier and flexible way.

From fixed setups to dynamic ones, Orangebox empowers the Meeting Experience Center, enabling freedom to exchange ideas in any meeting room. 

How to create a meaningful workplace?

That's where you, as IT manager, can bring in your innovative strategy on collaboration. As the office is the ideal match between design, technology and workstyle, you can help create that value-driven workspace designed to inspire and empower employees for better business outcomes.  

What are meaningful workspaces?                                                                                                      

Meaningful workspaces help workers meet and work in the most optimal way. Check what Yannic Laleeuwe, Marketing Director Meeting Experience, has to say on this topic in Barco ClickShare's most recent research.

How can IT managers create meaningful workspaces with ClickShare?

Learn how to bring consistent user experiences in any meeting room with ClickShare. Oliver van Camp, Product Management Lead, reveals the benefits ClickShare will bring you.

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