About Barco immersive systems

As one of the few manufacturers that designs and produces all building blocks for total visualization systems, and with the possibility to integrate all components perfectly in other systems, we enable total freedom to design your visualization system exactly the way you want. 

Benefit of our treasure trove of in-house knowledge and international network to design the most advanced visualization systems achieving the most realistic image quality. 

Five-sided Barco cave fully immerses architects into building solutions

Architects are masters of detail, so we knew the system had to ensure high-resolution, bright images, as well as high contrast and vivid colors. Hence our choice for Barco. We were impressed with the team’s technical knowledge, pragmatic approach and flexibility. 

Stefan Vandervelden

Research Projects Responsible at Reynaers Aluminium

Total display solutions

Our portfolio of immersive systems encompasses a range of preconfigured immersive environments which can be customized upon user requirements.  

Three persons stand in front of the Barco Powerwall


Powerwalls are large screen display walls that offer a lot of possibilities. They are most commonly used as a design, collaboration and engineering tool for interacting with 3D models, or as a presentation tool for many different applications.                                                                              


Barco’s Cave offer the best contrast and can have any number of sides, ranging from two to six, in any size you want. Furthermore, the caves can be transportable which allows users to expand their capabilities by taking their expertise on the road.                                                                         

An architect and a young couple stand in front of Barco Canvas screen looking at interior of modern house.


Our Canvas consists out of 3 projection surfaces, with each wall angled at 135°. It brings a combination of the famous image quality of our projectors and the superb performance of our RigiFlex screens to bring both 2D and 3D imagery to life in the most optimal way.

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