What is ClickShare Present?

ClickShare Present is a wireless presentation system consisting of a base unit device and a connecting Button that is plugged into the laptop.

ClickShare Present enables meeting attendees to effortlessly share content from their laptop in face-to-face meetings, in less than 7 seconds, with a single click via the ClickShare App or Button.

ClickShare wireless presentation solutions for effortless content sharing and collaboration

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Which ClickShare Present model suits you best?

From a spontaneous presentation in a huddle space to multiple meeting attendees sharing various types of content in a standard meeting room, there is a ClickShare Present wireless presentation solution that fits your needs. Discover the ClickShare Present range for wireless presentation and find the right model.
ClickShare C-5
ClickShare C‑5

Simple, one-click wireless presentation for huddle spaces

ClickShare C-10
ClickShare C‑10

Interactive wireless presentation for any meeting space

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