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USB 2.0 (CX Gen 1) and USB 3.0 (CX Gen 2) devices are supported
  • HDMI cameras are supported via HDMI to USB converter
  • Audio devices must be connected via USB
USB 2.0 (CX-20, CX-30, CX-50) and USB 3.0 (CX-50 Gen 2) power is supported

Devices that require more power can be connected via USB-C connector or powered USB hub

Speakerphone devices with echo-cancellation built-in
  • Microphone and speaker must show up as same name
  • Devices that are not supported:
    • Separate microphone and speaker (even when connected via USB)
    • Microphone in camera (without being part of a speakerphone)
    • Microphone in display (without being part of a speakerphone)
    • Audio over HDMI for conferencing
One camera and one speakerphone can be connected
  • As separate devices or integrated as "all-in-one"
  • If multiple devices are required, connect these via an USB switch and make sure only one camera and one speakerphone is active at any point in time

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