ClickShare firmware updates

Why update?

There are many reasons why you should keep the software of your ClickShare unit up to date. It keeps your unit powerful, performant and secure.

Most importantly, each firmware release adds a set of new functionalities to the ClickShare devices to give you the best-in-class user experience. 

Why update?

How to update?

3 ways to update

1. Connect your Base Unit to the network for automatic updates


When you connect the unit to the network during installation, auto-update is on by default.  Scroll down if you are looking to manually update firmware.

2. Update via XMS Cloud

If you want more control over when updates are executed or if you'd like to schedule bulk updates, use XMS Cloud. Here you can also activate automatic updates or get notifications whenever new firmware is available.

3. Manual update

Check here if you are unsure about your ClickShare model.

ClickShare Video Bars

ClickShare Conference

ClickShare Present

ClickShare CS(E)

Need a hand with the updates?

The ClickShare platform consists of different components: Base Units, Buttons, Apps and the XMS Cloud management platform. Make sure each of these components runs the latest software versions if you want to enjoy the best experience. Updating them is easy, seamless and automated.

  • The Base Unit firmware can be installed via the auto-update functionality, or it can be scheduled via XMS Cloud or the ClickShare Configurator.
  • ClickShare Buttons update automatically over Wi-Fi.
  • For the ClickShare Desktop App, it’s recommended to download and install the latest version manually to ensure the App automatically updates to future releases. Once installed, an auto-update function will keep the App up to date. Do you want to enable wireless conferencing via the App? Be sure to download the MSI installer.
  • The iOS and Android App are updated according to your mobile device settings.
  • The XMS Cloud update runs automatically.

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