Clear voice, no noise with Yamaha and ClickShare  

Check the video to see & hear what Mark Collins, Senior Specialist Pro Audio Division and Andy Cooper, Manager Pro Audio Application Engineering, at Yamaha have to say about meeting equity and technology.

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What’s the first question you ask in a videocall? Is it ‘can you see me’ or ‘can you hear me’? The importance of high-quality communications is key in business. And for Yamaha this translates into uninterrupted audio for all participants in the conversation. When participants can’t hear colleagues clearly and speakers can’t share their ideas & perspectives, an equitable meeting environment can’t be achieved. As Yamaha is passionate about meeting equity, they have you covered with high-quality audio solutions for every room, mounted in the ceiling, on desks or even wireless. Easy to integrate and simple to configure.


Equally representing all voices in the conversation

Yamaha UC’s innovative sound technologies delivers full, clear audio to every corner of the room for a smooth and stress-free conversation. Barco’s ClickShare Conference range brings premium wireless conferencing and remote collaboration. This powerful combination has been tested to work seamlessly together and makes remote and hybrid collaboration easier and more natural than ever before.

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