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Jupiter Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

The most recent updates in the ClickShare familly allow to unleash the power of 21:9 ultrawide view on Pana displays for its users. 

The ultrawide 21:9 format is the future of display; eye fatigue is reduced because of the large canvas adapted to human vision and a single pane of glass replace the need for dual display setup sometimes hard to view or only half used.

More display space also means the users can have more content that is broadcasted to the display, enhancing the collaboration and interaction within the meeting space.

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At Jupiter, we provide advanced and reliable product solutions, empowering customers with real-time collaboration visualization technology. Our 40+ years of experience have taught us that customer needs constantly evolve, so we unceasingly invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve.

Our 21:9 ultrawide display innovations lead the entire market in this space, impacting the future of enterprise visual real estate. Our proprietary design, engineering, and supply chain management allow us to control the development and production process completely, ensuring that every product meets our rigorous standards.

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