The smart move in LED video walls

Barco's TruePix brings content to life as intended and ensures predictable, truly seamless outcomes. The unique viewing experience is the result of smart engineering, premium LED technology and Infinipix® Gen2, the next revolutionary generation of Barco's image processing technology.

TruePix panels have a screen diameter of 27.5", with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

truepix awards ise and infocomm
truepix awards ise and infocomm
truepix awards ise and infocomm
truepix awards ise and infocomm
inavate award for truepix at ise

Series highlights

Flexible as a Knight

The unique mechanical concept, combined with Barco's camera-based alignment tool ensure a truly seamless installation and a flat display without mechanical stress or warping.

Powerful as a Queen

This innovative image processor ensures flawless, smooth and seamless results for any content, true dynamic range in any brightness mode, and optimal viewing comfort with reduced eye fatigue.

Solid as a Rook

Enjoy an uninterrupted performance without downtime with 4-way inter-tile failover system, data protection through use of a proprietary protocol, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Watchful as a Bishop

Get full peace of mind with a premium service offering, guaranteed batch compatible LED modules for up to 10 years, and cloud connectivity and video wall diagnostical compatibility.

A solution for every application

In order to offer the best possible solution for every application, TruePix is available in multiple pixel pitches and brightness levels. In this way, users can pick the product that best fits their use case.

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