This two days class will give insight in the technology and the unique features of the projectors, the specifications, the requirements. You will learn how to install the F-series projector(s) in a multi-channel system and perfectly match them.

Course description

Day 1

Product overview:

  • Market focus & strategy
  • Projector portfolio
  • Product specifications,  features and options per type
  • Safety
  • Basic operation  (single projector)

Day 2

Multi-channel system setup:

  • Mask & blend
  • Warping
  • Color calibration
  • Color matching
  • Examination


    • You can only enroll into this course when and until you have completed this online training: Barco high brightness safety training
    • Knowledge of or experience in ProAV projection basics.
    • Basic knowledge of network communication configuration (e.g. IP address, subnet).
    • Laptop with administrative rights (to install the control software)

    Target audience

    Technical sales professionals, product experts, application engineers, installation engineer, system integrators, other technical professionals.


    By the end of the course participants will understand the product features of F70/F80/F90/FL40/FS40 in detail and they will be able to prepare and set up complex installations consisting of F-series Pulse projectors.

    Barco certified

    After successful completion the participant receives the 'Barco Certified Technical Expert - F70/F80/FL40/FS40' certificate (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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    Training format: In-Class training
    Duration: 2 days
    Price: €1000
    Spoken language: ENG

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