Upholding public safety

In crisis situations you want to focus on your mission, not on your technology. You want your command and control center solution to be fully adapted to your requirements, and flexibly respond to changing needs. And equally crucial: you want a solution you can rely on at any time, for many years. 

Informed tactical decision-making, at any time

Command and control centers are the beating heart of many operations. They allow surveillance monitoring, are the nerve center of operations command and the information hub for decision-making. Staff inside the operations center enable the field teams to perform better, by providing a situational overview at all times. These tactical command centers are therefore vital for the mission’s success. Sometimes these are large control rooms, but they can also be mobile centers that can be deployed wherever needed. An extremely reliable visualization solution is therefore needed, from displays to software. Barco offers a range of command and control centers solutions that helps driving the operation.

Additional control room applications

Next to the general command and control functionalities, upholding security is in many cases the main focus of government organizations. Depending on the case, this can be (cyber)security or decision-making. This sometimes requires a specific type of control room. Also for these applications Barco has dedicated solutions in its portfolio.

A platform for command and control

Command and control centers act as central intelligence hubs for organizations. This requires a reliable platform for data collection, distribution, and visualization. The innovative Barco CTRL control room software and hardware platform is designed to be simple to use and install, scalable to grow with your needs, and answer to all Security by Design principles. Barco CTRL is also designed to interface with many leading 3rd party systems, and is compatible with a large number of AV & ICT source types.  

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Bringing the best in all video wall technologies

With a portfolio comprising all video wall technologies (LCD, direct-view LED and rear-projection cubes (RPC) video walls), Barco can offer visualization solutions that are really tailored to the customer's needs. We offer best-in-class combinations of display panels and controllers to let you notice every detail faster, and minimize downtime.

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