Large scale visualization, decision-making & planning


By visualizing construction sites or buildings in virtual reality, architects, engineers and other stakeholders can evaluate a project before it is built. This enables them to take well-founded decisions internally and externally without wasting time and budget.

Not only the looks, but also technical master plans (like HVAC and building materials) can continuously be simulated, evaluated, validated and improved. Projects designed in this way are not only better thought-through, but also advance a lot faster than traditional projects.


Efficiency throughout the building process


Virtual reality is the closest thing we have to actually being inside a new space, and it is this ability that separates the technology from other traditional visualization methods like sketches and preliminary models.

Imagine you’re trying to sell a kitchen and your customers are doubting about the colors of the cupboard doors. In just a matter of seconds, you can make custom adaptations and they immediately can see and even experience the new design. And with the right tools this is also scalable to bigger projects and constructions of real estate like new destination resorts.


Group collaboration in AEC


Barco's Group VR solutions, which allow multiple persons to collaborate in a virtual 3D environment while still being able to comfortably see and communicate with each other. A shared immersive experience allows people to better see and understand the project and provides a tremendous amount of info to a large group of people - at every stage of the design process. This results in sparked new discussions, more informed decisions, and improved collaboration.

Our products

Whatever your professional group 3D visualization needs, Barco’s portfolio consists of different Group VR solutions.

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