Feb 8, 2024

How was 2023 for Barco? Read our brand-new annual report!

2 min read

At Barco, we take pride in being at the forefront - also when it comes to our annual report. Our brand-new 2023 report is now ready! It provides a comprehensive, transparent overview of 2023, presenting both financial and non-financial numbers, along with interviews, stories and, of course, stunning visuals – as befits a leader in visualization.

How is Barco’s innovation pipeline? Has the global supply chain normalized? How is the situation in China? Over the past few months, these were key topics raised by Barco’s stakeholders. In the 2023 report, we posed these questions – and many other – directly to our CEOs and the Executive Vice Presidents of all Barco divisions.

Promising innovations ahead

Their answers in a nutshell? For Charles Beauduin, and An Steegen it was clear that the market circumstances were harsher than they had envisioned in 2023, especially in China. Nevertheless, the Entertainment division was thriving on great momentum. More than that, our efforts to simplify our organization started paying off and the pace of innovation is accelerating – a progress that An Steegen is particularly happy about: “A clear focus on innovation is the only way for a tech company like Barco to differentiate itself. So, I’m glad to see there’s a pool of new product introductions in the pipeline for 2024 and beyond.”

Sustainability frontrunner

More than sharing financial results, the 2023 annual report features an extensive report on planet, people and communities, which highlights our continued commitment to sustainability. This section describes how Barco has achieved or surpassed the ambitious sustainability targets it had set for 2023 and how we plan to keep up our sustainability frontrunner position. Don’t miss the interview with Dries Vanneste, our Sustainability Manager. More than offering a look-back, he looks forward and explains how Barco is preparing for the upcoming CSRD reporting framework. 

Visioneering a bright tomorrow

The entire 2023 report breathes Barco’s new ‘Visioneering a bright tomorrow’ purpose. In four interviews, Barco visioneers share their views on the future of visualization, sustainability, human resources and digital transformation. Read or view the roundtable discussions to understand how Barco is committed to visioneering a bright tomorrow, in each and every field.