May 10, 2023

Barco Residential’s popular Freya(+) goes full REC2020

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Barco Residential brings the pinnacle of display technology to the comfort of your home to create unforgettable experiences for family and friends. In 2021, we launched Freya(+) to expand the Cinema-at-Home series in the Barco Residential projector line-up. By combining popular features of Barco’s award-winning Series 4 platform with consumer-friendly features, the high-end home theater projector has become one of the most popular and versatile DCI-compliant projectors in the residential market.

Thanks to its RGB laser illumination with full DCI-P3 color coverage, Freya(+) already delivered the necessary light output needed to show HDR content for screen sizes with a diameter up to 308 inches (7.8 meter). Now, Barco Residential raises the bar again, by incorporating a new generation of laser diodes, which will allow Freya(+) to deliver the full REC2020 color gamut.  

Barco Residential’s popular Freya+ goes full REC2020

“As HDR content becomes more available in the consumer market and standards are evolving, we want to make sure we also deliver the best optics to truly deliver the HDR experience everybody is looking for.  Upgrading to these new cutting-edge laser diodes was a logical improvement to the already very powerful Freya(+),” says Sander Buys, Product Marketing Manager at Barco.

Together with an unmatched light output in its category Freya(+) is ready for the future.

Come visit the Barco Experience Center to see Freya in action.