Sep 9, 2021

Barco welcomes Dr Nick Maynard to Surgical Advisory Board


We're pleased to welcome Dr Nick Maynard to the Barco Healthcare family as consulting surgeon! The start of Dr Maynard’s term is a first milestone in the formation of a Surgical Advisory Board.

Incorporating field experience into the development of our surgical solutions

At Barco, we strive to deliver clinical solutions that are designed with a double mission: optimizing clinical use by medical professionals and sharing their goal of delivering better patient outcomes. Key to achieving that is to involve the people who actually use our solutions as soon as possible in the design, concept and validation stage.

In parallel with the expansion of our surgical solutions portfolio, which is currently in full swing, we have been working on ways of incorporating more medical experience in the development of our products. We are now proud to welcome Dr Nick Maynard, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon and Lead for Cancer Services at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, as part of our Surgical Advisory Board. He started his term on 1 September 2021 and will be consulting for Barco during the coming years.

A first milestone

Our VP of Surgical Imaging Davide Nocentini, elaborates: “We are very happy to welcome Dr Maynard to the Surgical Imaging team. He will play a key role in the further development of our existing and future surgical solutions portfolio, with which we really aim to focus on clinical performance and patient outcomes. Our goal is to support surgical teams in the best way we can, and our Surgical Advisory Board is the best way in which we can improve that. This is only a first but very important step and we are finalizing additional collaborations to expand the Surgical Advisory Board further in future.”

Dr Maynard reacts: “I am looking forward to working together with Barco and to assist in delivering solutions that can maximally support surgical teams in delivering better patient outcomes. I see huge potential in what Barco can offer us in the OR through the surgical displays and Nexxis, and I am excited to contribute to further development and guidance for better patient outcomes and workflow optimization in the OR.”

About Dr Nick Maynard

Dr Maynard is a Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, and set up the Oxford Esophagogastric Centre in 1997, building it into one of the foremost esophagogastric cancer units in the world. He trained at Oxford University, Guy’s Hospital, London and in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Maynard regularly speaks at (inter)national meetings on his main interests: surgical management of esophagogastric cancer and complex benign disease. He has a major interest in the surgical management of esophagogastric cancer and has carried out nearly 1500 esophagogastric cancer resections. He also has a particular interest in advanced minimally invasive surgery, with a busy practice in laparoscopic revisional surgery for reflux disease, hiatal hernia and achalasia. For several years Dr Maynard was Clinical Director for Surgery in Oxford and since 2017 he has been Lead for Cancer Services in Oxford. He is Surgical Lead for the National Esophagogastric Cancer Audit (NOGCA) and in October takes over as President of the Association of Upper GI Surgery of Great Britain and Ireland (AUGIS).