Mar 12, 2020

As an engineer’s daughter, I learned that every why has an answer

1 min read

In light of International Women’s Day, it’s high time we introduce you to some of our very own tech ladies. At Barco we encourage and inspire young women to shape their own future and consider a career in technology.

Meet Melanie Cappelaere, Senior Software Engineer for ClickShare. As a young girl, she was fascinated to discover how things work, always wanted to look under the hood of the car when her dad was doing repairs. Her curiosity back then fuelled her interest in technology today. As the daughter of an engineer, she soon came to realize that every why, in fact, has an answer... You just need to go out, explore and look for it.

After studying engineering and specializing in computer sciences at KU Leuven, Melanie was keen to find a job where she could solve issues, make and improve things and be constructive. Before she came to Barco, she worked in prepress software. After that, working for ClickShare UX was the perfect match for her, since our engineers are always looking for ways to keep our wireless collaboration and conferencing solutions as simple, easy and intuitive as possible.

“If you’re interested in engineering, don’t hesitate – there are so many possibilities to explore.”

At Barco, women are just as much part of the team as men. Ladies can code too, you know 😉 Until the 1970s a lot of programmers were women (remember, Ada Lovelace?), so don’t let stereotypes guide you in your choice of study or profession. Dive into a fast-moving field and discover our career opportunities in technology, innovation and digital transformation.