Jun 11, 2019

Barco to present scientific papers on skin imaging at the World Congress of Dermatology

2 min read

Barco’s data scientists will be presenting three scientific studies at the World Congress of Dermatology in Milan. With Barco’s background and expertise in medical visualization the studies are focused on methods to enhance the consistency and accuracy of skin imaging techniques.

13 June 2019, Room White 1 at 8:15:

A Super-Resolution Method for Skin Imaging” presented by Ali Avanaki, Senior Visual Data Scientist, explores a new method of generating super-resolution (SR) images from multiple low-resolution images to reveal more tissue details that are important for differentiating melanoma vs. benign melanocytic lesions.

15 June 2019, Room Amber 7+8 at 9:25:

Color Variability in Digital Dermoscopy” presented by Bart Diricx, Expert Engineer, discusses why color variability in dermoscopic images is clinically relevant, how smartphone cameras and SLR cameras contribute to color variability and what solutions are available.

E-poster presentation:

“Computational model of the skin for Virtual Clinical Trials of dermatological imaging” by Varun Vasudev, Research Engineer, describes a novel methodology where a skin model and virtual clinical trials can be used for design of novel skin imaging systems.

Learn about Barco Demetra in booth C02

In addition to these scientific presentations, Barco will be showcasing its Barco Demetra™ skin imaging platform in booth C02 at WCD.

Barco Demetra is a revolutionary skin imaging platform co-developed with leading dermatologists. It combines the best of analog and digital skin imaging in a flexible, wireless handheld device that allows dermatologists to take clinical and dermoscopic pictures with one and the same device and makes mapping, follow-up and comparison of skin images smoother and smarter.

Demetra is a platform that will evolve over time, adding new groundbreaking capabilities - including deep learning algorithms - all developed to improve the efficiency and quality of skin diagnoses.