Oct 15, 2015

Movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer chooses Barco Residential for "Cinema at Home" projector

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Jerry Bruckheimer’s name is synonymous with “blockbuster” in every sense of the word, associated with powerful, larger-than-life stories for the silver screen that exceed the depths of most mortals’ imaginations. Movies like Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure are richly tapestried showpieces that immerse audiences into the action, especially when presented using Barco digital cinema projectors. That’s why when it came time to outfit his Beverly Hills luxury home theater with a movie projector, Jerry Bruckheimer naturally chose Barco.

“Barco has always been a leader in digital cinema, and I’m thrilled to have one of their projectors in my own home,” comments Bruckheimer.

Having witnessed first-hand the brilliant movie presentation of Barco’s industry-leading DLP Cinema® projectors, Bruckheimer outfitted his new home theater with a Barco Residential model. The 4K projector is the perfect fit for the producer, who wanted the brightest projector to screen his in-home movies. “Whether produced in 4K, 3D or with Auro 11.1, movies are always better with Barco,” comments Bruckheimer.