Aug 21, 2015

Spectacular sound baffles audiences in Taipei (Taiwan)

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Miramar Cinemas knows how to impress the audience. Back in 2004, the Taipei-based cinema complex was the first in Asia to adopt the IMAX motion picture format. To this day, it is still the largest commercial movie screen in Asia. Just last year, Miramar scooped another first in Taiwan by installing the Barco Auro 11.1 speaker system: a unique 3-layer sound technology that takes the audience away from the busy life in one of Asia’s largest metropolises.

All around and above

Miramar’s brand-new Auro auditorium, which seats up to 280 people, invites moviegoers to indulge in an unparalleled cinematic experience. One of the first movies screened in Auro 11.1 at Miramar was The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The format immediately proved its worth, as its ability to make sound come from all around and above lent a highly immersive touch to the hero swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper. Since then, countless moviegoers have enjoyed moments of ecstasy, joy and a range of other emotions at Taipei’s most innovative cinema.