Mar 24, 2013

Pumping music and an amazing, Barco-powered video projection

1 min read

Earlier this week, all the EMEA managers of the Starwood hotel group gathered in Abu Dhabi for their annual conference. As befits a prestigious group of 1,134 hotels, Starwood had spared no pains to make it a great, inspiring event. The video mapping on the hotel façade, to the matching beats of a famous DJ, ensured a great kick-off to the event. Watch the video to see how two stacked Barco HDX-W18 projectors amazed the audience.


The brains and AV experts behind the job were two Belgian firms, Jorizon and Beam-Inc. The latter has worked together with Starwood hotels for the opening of the Aloft Hotel in Brussels, the film première of the Schtroumphs and the 2012 Festival of Light in Berlin, where it won an award for the best projection onto a hotel façade.