Fishtech’s massive video wall brings information to life

Kansas City, US - 2019

Kansas City Cybersecurity Firm Takes Data Visualization to New Heights

Barco solutions:

  • 49 UniSee panels
  • 12 55” OverView KVD5521B panels

Key benefits:

  • Near seamless viewing experience
  • Complete uniform calibration across all panels
  • Innovative mounting structure and easy serviceability

Cybersecurity solutions firm Fishtech Group secures data—the vast majority of which is extremely confidential. When they were designing a new security operations center, they needed a way to share a range of data to both the operators in the center and guests viewing from an elevated platform.

As Fishtech’s Director of Digital Technologies, Andy Jones knew that he had to be creative in designing a video wall that would best answer the issues that Fishtech needed to address. To start, the operation space was built to accommodate a large wall. In addition, a viewing platform was built overlooking the operators. This allowed for the operators’ individual workstations to remain confidential while also giving visitors an opportunity to fully view the public data displayed on the wall. For Jones, Barco’s UniSee and KVD panels were the only solution for such a request.

Seamless. Simple. Stunning.

Jones’ decision to go with the Barco UniSee and KVD panels was based on several key factors. The first is the bezel-less feature of the UniSee panels. As the wall was a large 7x7 panel display, having a uniform image across all panels was vital. Any major break in the picture due to the separation between panels would be an unwelcome distraction. Second, Jones needed a product that was as future proof as possible, especially in regards to serviceability down the road. The UniSee’s unique mounting structure allows individual panels to be replaced with ease, ensuring a more seamless interaction with the wall should a panel need service. In addition, new UniSee panels auto-calibrate to match the rest of the wall, meaning replacement panels fit into the wall with very little maintenance.

The 12 KVD panels, six to a side, added an interesting design element to the project while also allowing for a variety of different information to be displayed. The overall quality of the KVD panels ensures that whatever is displayed is crisp and useful for viewers regardless of where they are in the room.

Together, the UniSee and KVD panels provide Fishtech with stunning images, amazing quality and a solution that will last for years to come.

Our Cyber Security Ops Center is what really impresses everyone. The UniSee is the centerpiece bringing it all together.

Andy Jones, Director of Digital Technologies at Fishtech

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