Technology brings a Byzantine palace to life in Istanbul

Istanbul, TR - 2019

The Byzantine Tekfur Palace is the only surviving structure of Blakernai Palace, that was used mostly between the 11th and 15th century. It has been restored by Istanbul Municipality as a museum. The palace was once a center for pottery, glass and tiles during the Ottoman era. The museum showcases items that were sent all over the world while also providing information about Byzantium and Ottoman history. This includes glass, pottery and works of art from the Ottoman era as well as noteworthy replicas.
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The former palace was in fact once a pavilion of a far greater complex that has since disappeared. Over the years, it had been used for many purposes such as a royal residence and, after the conquest of Constantinople, as a stable, bottle blowing factory and ceramics atelier. This historical connection is why the authorities felt it was the right choice for a tile, ceramic and glass museum.

Bringing history to life

The challenge for every museum curator is to be able to present their collections in a way that makes sense to visitors. In this case, they had to deal with the history of tiles and ceramic and also the rich historical background of Byzantium, Constantinople and later Istanbul.
This involves presenting many artefacts and placing them in a historical context.

“Time inevitably changes things. So it’s important to show people what they looked like before,” explains Tekfur Sarayı Müze Projesi- Digital Services. “Using Barco LCD technology and Barco projectors, we can do this in a spectacular way.” 

A huge 3 x 4 KVD video wall and a 3 x 2 Barco UniSee screen bring different Byzantium history images to life and provide information to the visitors about the daily life of the era. At the top floor, a projection applies verses from the Quran to the wall of the building. 2D and 3D animations have been used to enrich the experience of the visitors in understanding detailed information. 

The KVD video walls are perfect for the museum, as they offer high quality images without the need for fans. So the noise of a ventilator does not distract the visitors.
The Barco UniSee LCD video wall is a reliable premium technology which allows wowings the visitors with a true bezel-less viewing experience and vivid colors,.
“What’s interesting is that a museum can call on Barco for a wide range of solutions to the many different applications they need to cater for,” commented Tekfur Sarayı Müze Projesi- Digital Services.

The idea was to really bring the history of the palace to life.

Tekfur Sarayı Müze Projesi

Digital Services

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