Arcadia’s famous spider has a successor

Glastonbury, GB - 2019

One of the most talked-about features of Britain’s Glastonbury festival was Arcadia Spectacular’s famous spider structure – an animated machine-like construction that came to life above the heads thousands of dancers. Over the years, it became bigger and more impressive. But in show business, you cannot stand still.
  • Rugged and dependable 
  • Proven experience in live events
  • Experience of previous years
For 2019, they decided to surprise people even more. The spider was out: welcome the monumental Pangea, a crane-like structure sitting on a dome under the artistic direction of Pip Rush and Bert Cole. As in previous years, it featured stunning staging, pyrotechnics and of course projections.

One of the big challenges in 2019 was the projection onto the dome. This obviously required very precise performance for the projection. Technical production specialist CPL continued its working relationship with Arcadia by supplying 6 x Barco UDX-4K32 projectors with fibre optic signal and control infrastructure for 360-degree projections that were integral to the show. They provided all the brightness and sharpness required – plus the ruggedness and flexibility to work in a highly-charged outdoor music festival environment.
The UDX-4K32 gave the right amount of light to showcase the animations and new structure to 50,000 people each night.

Dickie Burrow

Director, CPL

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