Alterface designs custom dark ride Basilisk using Barco projectors

Chorzów, PL - 2018

Legendia, the oldest theme park in all of Poland, recently unveiled its newest ride, Basilisk, to great success. Custom designed by Alterface, it is the first interactive dark ride in Poland on such a scale. This family friendly, indoor interactive ride features the latest in amusement park technology and has the capacity for 750 people an hour.

Barco solution 

  • PGWU-62L projectors

Why Barco? 

  • Image quality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy maintenance

Basilisk has ride interaction with projection on multimedia screens and shooting at physical targets, as well as strong visual immersive elements thanks to video mapping and projection. Barco partner Alterface tailor-made this attraction with projection mapping, high level theming, animatronics and interactive media and also took into account gameplay and show control. 

Cost effective and cutting edge
Barco was selected for their superior products available at accessible price points. Six PGWU-62L laser projectors were installed, with three rear and three front projections and the cost effectiveness of this choice extends to maintenance as well. Due to their reputation for easy maintenance and competitive pricing, Barco was the most cost effective choice.

Custom build results in thoughtful execution

This ride was built from the ground up, with a dedicated building constructed to house the Basilisk dark ride, complete with its own separate street level entrance. It features an immersive experience as it harkens back to an ancient time of legendary Polish myths with villagers fighting monsters; the well-known legend of Basilisk being the most dangerous.

“Basilisk was created to meet the need for a high tech interactive ride at Legendia. Now this custom built yet affordable attraction incorporates lighting, media, and design. One of the ways we were able to achieve this superior end result affordably was with our collaboration with Barco,” stated Benoit Cornet, Founder & CEO of Alterface.

One of the ways we were able to achieve this end result was with our collaboration with Barco.

Benoit Cornet

Founder & CEO of Alterface

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