Barco UniSee LCD Video Wall perfects background for Farmer’s Newspaper and Broadcast

Seoul, KR - 2018

Barco solution

  • Barco UniSee 
Why Barco?
  • Bright and bezel-less
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Cutting edge and professional

Farmers Newspaper & Broadcast has updated its television studio: a new desk, upgraded interior, lighting and of course, a new broadcast backdrop. Il Park, the Technical Support Manager at Farmers Newspaper & Broadcast, worked closely with Ji Sung Ryu from Barco Korea, in search of a suitable solution.

‘We believe that backdrop image quality is extremely important to a program’s success,’ explained Il Park. ‘Therefore we were looking for a visualization solution that could offer a high level of brightness and the smallest possible seam between screen panels. And of course as a news service with live broadcasts, we also needed ultimate dependability and reliability.’

‘These specific customer requirements immediately made me think of Barco UniSee, Barco’s new and revolutionary LCD video wall platform,’ explains Ji Sung Ryu. ‘Barco UniSee offers everything that Farmers Newspaper & Broadcast was looking for and more, so they were immediately convinced it was the right solution for them.’

Brightness and bezel-less

The Barco UniSee LCD video wall platform offers outstanding images, with full HD picture quality presented in 800 NIT typical brightness via a backlight with a 100,000-hour lifespan. Barco has also re-engineered the design of the panels to counter all possible variations in brightness from the center to the edges. Thanks to Sense X, the continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration technology, Barco UniSee can offer an unmatched uniformity both intra-tile and across the entire wall, not only at time of installation, but also during the entire lifetime of the wall. And as Barco UniSee uses NoGap technology, there is no visible seam between the screen panels allowing content to be distributed over multiple tiles without interruption and creating a canvas without distraction or visual information loss. The panels themselves are perfectly aligned by a unique and specially designed mounting structure offering the best viewing experience.

Easy installation and operation

Although this was the first Barco UniSee 4x2 set-up in the APAC region, the installation was completed quickly and efficiently. The modularity of the entire platform facilitates the installation and also the UniSee Connect software platform allows easy set up and configuration of the wall through a very user friendly user interface, so you do not need a remote control to configure the wall tile per tile. The same platform also manages the video wall and automatically assigns and calibrates the panels to ensure easy operation without the need for expert intervention.

Barco UniSee is the very image of professionalism and quality — everything Farmers Newspaper & Broadcast was looking for.

Il Park

Technical Support Manager, Farmers Newspaper & Broadcast

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