Nieuwegein: the place to be for spectacular congress experiences

Nieuwegein, NL - 2017

Outstanding services, great catering and, most importantly, first-class meeting rooms and event halls equipped with top-notch technology: that’s how NBC Congress Center intends to be the #1 congress center in the Netherlands. Since 1992, hundreds of companies have found their way to Nieuwegein, close to Utrecht (the Netherlands), to inspire, inform and preferably also amaze their customers or partners at the congress center.

Barco solution 

  • HDX-W20 projector
  • HDX-W14 projector
  • HDQ-4K35 projector
  • ImagePro-II 4K processor

Why Barco? 

  • Image quality 

Giant 3D backdrop
Always looking for ways to exceed the expectations of congress organizers, NBC Congress Center introduced a brand-new concept to its Event Hall in 2015: a 3D projection screen consisting of three massive surfaces. Event organizers can use the 28m-wide screen as a backdrop to display their content – from PowerPoint presentations and standard images to tailor-made projection mappings. The projection power behind the screens is Barco: one rugged 20,000 lumen HDX-W20 FLEX and two HDX-W14 projectors, set up by audiovisual integrator AVEX International.

Life-sized, realistic 4K projection
“The concept with innovative projection technologies is gaining popularity,” says Justin van Hooijdonk, Director/ Shareholder of the NBC Congress Center. “That’s why, in 2016, we decided to equip our Grand Hall with something spectacular.” With visualization technology in constant development and customer expectations soaring, the NBC team decided to kick it up a notch. They called in the help of AVEX International to install a 184m²-wide screen powered by 4K projection technology. One Barco HDQ-4K35 projector, one HDX-W20 and two ImagePro-II 4K processors produce images that are four times sharper than HD.

The ultimate event experience

“We notice that our customers want to offer ever more exciting, awe-inspiring event experiences,” Justin continues. "Our 4K projection solution meets exactly that need. As soon as visitors enter the Grand Hall, they are blown away by the razor-sharp, realistic, life-sized images that Barco’s visualization solutions bring to life.”

Visitors are blown away by the razor-sharp, realistic, life-sized images that Barco’s visualization solutions bring to life.

Justin van Hooijdonk

Director at NBC Congress Center

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