Sensorama, Brazil's newest amusement attraction

Wila Velha, BR - 2015

Virtual reality company Sensorama has created Brazil’s newest amusement attraction – the first of its kind in Latin America – delivering a breathtaking underwater journey. Their projector of choice: Barco F35 ultra-high resolution simulation projectors.

Immersion rides are now emerging in public venues around the world, and Sensorama is seizing the trend with its new VIX attraction: a 24-person ride taking passengers on an underwater voyage at the Shopping Praia de Costa in Wila Velha, Brazil, a center boasting more than 225 world-class shops and attractions. 

VIX passengers embark upon a multisensory journey, travelling through an underwater cave thousands of feet below ground to explore the nucleus of a new energy source. Accelerating through a narrow passage of land, guests feel their hair blowing in the wind and the sensation of levitating through thin air. Subtle forest fragrances are filtered into the space as guests journey through the forbidden forest, while soft hints of mist are emitted once the ride plunges towards the deep ocean. 

“It’s no longer about passively watching a movie, but feeling like you’re actually inside the movie,” said Lucas Werthein, co-founder of Sensorama. “There are just a few like it; it’s a first for Latin America and just one of a handful of similar rides in the world.”

A stunning 6 million pixels, uncompressed video, an 18.3 3D audio system, immersive special effects and synchronized movements with six axis motion of freedom provide guests with a natural, vivid and immersive experience in flying, gliding and speeding through magical landscapes. 

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