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The AW-UE4 supports PoE or USB power, allowing video transmission, camera control and power all through a single cable. In addition to PoE power, power via a USB cable is also supported to enable operation without the need for connecting an AC adapter. Its installation is easy and flexible – it can be placed on a desktop, hung from the ceiling, or even mounted on the wall. With its small form factor it is an interesting addition to the ‘ClickShare Conference’ range that provides high quality video output for any conference.

The PressIT360 TY-CSP1 is an all-in-one web conferencing system with a 360-degree camera, mic and speakers. Compact, lightweight, and one-cable USB-C connection makes it easy to carry around and use. In addition to 360-degree shooting, it has a variety of video modes such as auto-focusing on the speaker. By placing it in the center of the conference room, it is possible to convey the state of the participants in any seat, and to convey the presence of the conference to participants in remote locations. This ease of use is an interesting addition to the 'ClickShare Conference’ range, which is used for all conferences.

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The AW-UE4 is a compact 4K ePTZ camera with IP streaming and supports 4K 30p high-quality video output. It is equipped with an ultra-wide angle lens with a 111° field of view, three interfaces (HDMI, LAN, USB) and POE connectivity and is ideal for spaces both large and small.

TY-CSP1 is a functional and sophisticated design product with a diameter of 64mm, height of 285mm, and approximately 950g. Four cameras can shoot 360-degrees horizontally, and voice recognition is possible up to a radius of 5m. TY-CSP1 is portable and easy to use.


设备 外围
类型 互操作性
PressIT360 0.0.7904.34, or 0.0.7904.36 02.17 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Compatible

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Panasonic Group is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world and a leader in the development of electronic technologies and solutions for consumers and business customers.

Panasonic Connect is a Company that plays a central role in the growth of Panasonic Group's B2B solution business.

We offers high quality products through “Smart Live Production” for the production market, and also a wide range of solutions for the AV and Corporate markets. This solutions go beyond simply making great products : they aim at enhancing the usability of its products, making integration into pre-existing systems easier and providing major efficiencies to our customers.

Our portfolio consists of PTZ and system cameras, camcorders, Kairos IT/IP platform, switchers and robotic solutions that are widely used for live events, sports production, television, and xR studios, in addition business projectors and Pro displays.

Panasonic Connect also offers various cameras for video conferences.

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