Window on the world

Imagine being able to create your own digital “Window on the World”. Here we essentially use our digital canvas to create an experience ranging from resembling an actual window to mapping an entire wall. The latter can really create the impression of having ‘pushed over the wall’ and take away the notion of ‘screen’, which fundamentally changes how you experience it. Imagine using that to create a life-size ocean, mountain or forest view. Or what if you could bring your own ocean view streamed from your beach home or favourite holiday place into your city residence? And when you switch it off, it’s just a wall again…

One example where this offers many opportunities is wellness applications and biophilic design (the infusion of direct and indirect natural elements into our environment to fulfill our instinct to be close to nature). Essentially, biophilic design is at the intersection of architecture, nature and neuroscience. Research shows that this holistic approach to design offers many health benefits – from reducing stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates – to promoting creativity, productivity and boosting overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Discover how you can use our digital canvases to infuse your home with Wellness and Biophilic design elements and experiences.