This e-learning is part of the Barco Healthcare Partner Training Program for Dental Depots & Resellers.

You will learn why you would want to use a Dental display over a consumer off the shelf display

and the dentistry specialisations that will benefit from the use of a dedicated dental display

You will be introduced to Barco’s Dental display portfolio, where the display fits in the Dental practice and how they are used.

Topics covered:

  • Why a Dental Display
  • Recommended Use cases
  • Barco’s dental display Portfolio

Goal: On completion of this module, you will have an understanding of the role the Dental display plays in terms of better diagnosis, patient communication and outcomes and which of Barco’s Dental displays to offer for different use cases

Target Audience

Sales professionals, sales experts, design engineers, product managers.



A general certificate of Achievement “Why a Dental Display for diagnosis?” will be provided on completion of this module.

This course is however part of the Barco Healthcare Dental Training Program, where you will be required to complete all modules to attain the relevant certification.

培训方式: 在线学习
持续时间: Approximately 15-20 minutes
价格: FOC
口语: en