A night-and-day difference

Are you tired of the dim lighting in the control room? Wouldn’t you rather open the curtains to let daylight in? You probably would, but then the operators wouldn’t be able to distinguish all of the details on the video wall. Barco comes with the solution: a video wall that delivers more brightness than mainstream rear-projection video walls, but still provides great image quality and more than 11 years of uninterrupted lifetime in 24/7 mode. Available in 70” and 80” screen sizes.

Series highlights

Higher brightness

Barco’s RGB Laser series is a lot brighter than competing solutions. This is not only key to wow visitors, but also add to viewing ergonomics.

Image quality

Sharpness, color accuracy, and contrast. These are the most important parameters that define image quality at a constant resolution. RGB laser excels on all levels. 

Lifetime and reliability

With a lifetime of 100,000 hours (that is more than 11 years in 24/7 mode!), RGB laser is by far the most reliable light source available. And although the RGB laser displays are extremely reliable, we still provide redundancy for the most critical components. 

Eco-friendly solution

With a low power consumption and an energy efficiency boost, Barco’s RGB laser cubes are not only good for the energy bill, but for the environment too! What’s more, an upgrade kit can dramatically improve the solution’s lifecycle – while keeping the bulk of the mechanics.

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