Built to last. The secrets to UDM’s reliability.

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What really makes the Barco UDM flagship projectors a great investment? is their reliability in mission-critical live set-ups and challenging environments. So, in this week’s post, Alexis will unravel some of the secrets to the UDM’s smart and robust design.

Lasers are your best friend

In the past two decades, Barco has made the choice to focus on solid-state laser light sources for its flagship line of projectors, like the UDM. With laser light sources, lamp-related maintenance and costs belong to the past. In addition, these laser-based systems offer steadier brightness that decreases at a much slower pace.

In short, the UDM laser phosphor technology guarantees more consistent performances over their lifespan.

Play it cool…

The thing about the UDM projectors is you can trust them to work in exceptional conditions. Thanks to their outstanding onboard laser cooling, these units can withstand a maximum ambient operating temperature of 40°C (104°F).

And for extreme environments like the desert, the UDMs can be connected to external coolers to bring the internal temperatures further down with uncompromised performances at the lowest noise level!

…and keep it clean.

Although compact in size, the UDM-30K is also the only projector in its category with internal dust and pollution filters. It has a positive effect on your projected image, it reduces the time and money required for upkeep, and it lengthens your projector lifetime!

Even when facing challenges such as hot temperatures, humidity, and poor air circulation; the Barco UDM projectors ensure stable operation for long hours through their strong chassis and dust-proof designs with smart heat dissipation.

When renting out projectors to be used in harsh environments like the Middle East, we only rely on Barco. As they have dust filters included, it significantly shortens the cleaning time upon return to our warehouse after the event.

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Remote connectivity

The UDM projectors is part of our Insights-enabled portfolio. With the Barco Insights Management Suite dashboard and remote log file access, you’ll get access to faster and more effective troubleshooting.

In addition, you can keep track of operating conditions from wherever you are through a secured cloud-based platform. It can help you get the most out of your rental fleet while saving time and money.

Barco Insights Management Suite is based on a 3-level subscription model. Interested in all its features and options?


And we want to close off with this important note. According to its spec sheet information, the UDM-30K has a light source lifetime of 20.000 hours. At first, you might think that’s less than the stuff you see on competitors’ websites… But don’t be fooled: did you check all the asterisks, footnotes and tiny letters?

At Barco, we don’t do sugar-coated marketing specs. What you see, is what you get. So, you can trust the UDM to really go for 20.000 hours at FULL power.

However, this doesn’t mean, you have to drive your UDM at full power all the time. If you want, you can choose ECO-mode or lower brightness levels to extend the projector’s lifetime even more.