Unlocking the splendor of Bordeaux cathedral

Bordeaux, France - 2024

In the heart of Bordeaux, France, stands a monument to centuries of history and architectural grandeur: Bordeaux Cathedral. Recently, this majestic edifice welcomed the Luminiscence spectacle reimagining Bordeaux Cathedral as a digital marvel. Powered by Barco projection, the temporary immersive 3D mapping show offers visitors a mesmerizing journey through time and space. 

Barco solutions:

  • 33x G100

Key benefits:

  • smooth integration, both visually and auditory
  • flexibility thanks to extensive lens range and compact size
  • robust design, reliable performances



The selection of Bordeaux Cathedral for this transformative installation was not arbitrary. Spanning the size of a soccer pitch, the cathedral provided a canvas of unparalleled magnitude to realize the Luminiscence vision. The objective was clear: to invite the public into this emblematic space, steeped in history, and unveil its secrets in a modern, digital guise.

Combining 360° video mapping and 3D spatialized sound, Luminiscence offers an immersive journey into the heart of the history of Saint-André Cathedral highlighting its sublime architecture, enchanting play of lights in the stained-glass windows and extraordinary acoustics. 




Undertaking a project of this size in such an exceptional environment asks for a specific approach. The logistics of positioning and installing the equipment within such a monumental structure demanded precision and expertise.

Moreover, the installation had to balance cutting-edge technology with respect for the cathedral's heritage, ensuring that the digital enhancements complemented rather than overshadowed its intrinsic beauty. 




The installation comprised 33 Barco G100 projectors, strategically positioned within the cathedral's passageways on custom-built supports to transform the cathedral into a captivating canvas of light. The compact G-series projectors give the flexibility to shoot from long/and or short distances, and to play with 360° orientation possibilities. So, amidst the awe-inspiring visuals, the projection units remained discreet, seamlessly integrated into the cathedral's timeless architecture.

The decision for Barco’s projection technology was also rooted in our reputation for stability and durability, as well as projectors’ ability to withstand the cathedral's cold and humid environment.

Additionally, Barco and Luminiscence forged a close relationship throughout the project, ensuring seamless collaboration and support, which proved invaluable in the success of the mapping experience.




The cutting-edge Barco technology, coupled with the expertise of the teams involved, exceeded expectations, leaving an indelible mark on all who marveled at the Bordeaux Luminiscence splendor.

After the overwhelming success of the experience at the Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux, attracting visitors from near and far, Luminiscence now embarks on a tour of cathedrals across France and Europe. The first stop will take them to Paris where the unique immersive show will uncover the secrets of the Saint-Eustache Church.

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