Precision Productions' journey with Barco G50

United States - 2024

Renowned for their precision-tailored A/V production, Precision Productions delivers flawless live, virtual, and hybrid experiences for over 25 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. The all-round audiovisual supplier sought to elevate their offerings with high-end projectors, aiming to bridge the gap in lumens output between their existing offerings. Enter Barco's G50, a game-changer that seamlessly integrated into their corporate event applications.

Barco solutions:

  • 2x G50-W8

Key benefits:

  • Smallest and lightest projector in its category
  • Consistent image quality over time
  • Easy configuration



Precision Productions, with a long-standing familiarity with the Barco brand, had been eyeing an upgrade to their projector lineup for some time. When winning a Barco G50 projector at InfoComm, the projector presented itself as the ideal solution to serve the 5k and 12k lumens segments.

With their expertise in corporate meetings, mid-size events, and general sessions, Precision Productions recognized the potential of the G50 to enhance their event visualization capabilities and meet the evolving demands of their clients. They soon ordered a second one to complete their portfolio. 




Barco's G50-W8 emerged as the perfect fit for Precision Productions' needs, offering industry-leading energy efficiency and unmatched performance. The team at Precision Productions is delighted with the G50-W8's performance, appreciating its lightweight design, ease of setup, and seamless integration into their event production workflows.

Corporate clients demanded superior image quality and reliability, the G50s provided Precision Production with unparalleled versatility and flexibility to deliver consistent performance across various event settings.




Since integrating the Barco G50-W8 into their arsenal, it has been used in many corporate event applications, and Precision Productions has garnered rave reviews from clients about the projector, with positive feedback highlighting the vivid colors and impeccable image quality.

Not only has the G50-W8 helped Precision Productions expand their line of projectors, but it has also enhanced their reputation as a provider of top-tier event production services.

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