Industrial heritage site transforms into the immersive Club of the Future

Kortrijk, Belgium - 2024

For three evenings, Kortrijk was the epicenter of immersive entertainment with an unparalleled clubbing experience as Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) partnered with PRG to unveil the Club of the Future. Barco's cutting-edge projection technology played a pivotal role in transforming a former industrial hall into an immersive music temple.

Barco solutions:

  • 35x G100-W22
  • 2x UDM-4K22
  • 1x E2 Gen2

Key benefits:

  • full operational flexibility through wide lens range
  • image quality with an impressive lumens power
  • regional partnerships collaborating on showcasing the best event technology



Flanders Technology & Innovation initiated a new nation-wide program dedicated to highlight the technological prowess of Flemish entertainment and to underscore its commitment to showcasing the region's capabilities on a global stage. In that perspective, the unveiling of Club of the Future represents more than just a groundbreaking entertainment experience—it embodies the FTI mission to foster innovation and collaboration in the region.

The organization partnered with PRG and Barco to transform the industrial hall at the Landmarck site in Kortrijk into an immersive music temple staging performances by top artists in the electronic dance music genre like Amber Broos and GOOSE. 




FTI, PRG and Barco joined forces to showcase the best event technology in a transformative music experience. With projections on facades, ceilings, beams, side walls... thirty-seven of Barco’s state-of-the-art laser projectors create a dynamic audiovisual spectacle that pushes the boundaries of live entertainment. The Barco equipment brings great image quality with an impressive lumens power for bright projections indoor and outdoor.

Two UDM-4K30s welcome the partygoers with a colorful outdoor mapping at the entrance. Upon entering, the other thirty-five G100 projectors elevate the interior of the 3000-square-meter venue into a technological and creative feat where visitors dance the night away. The G100 models and their extensive lens range give the flexibility to shoot from long/and or short distances and to play with 360° orientation possibilities. This enables smooth integration of the projectors throwing the visuals on the ceiling, the walls, and a see-through mesh on stage without hindering the crowd on the dance floor.

In the backstage, the event relies on the power and flexibility of a Barco E2 Event Master to process, switch and manage all visual content.




Audiences were transported into a world of immersive visuals and captivating soundscapes, as Barco's projection technology sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Barco, FTI, and PRG demonstrate the power of collaboration in shaping the future of live entertainment.

Wouter Bonte, Sales VP at Barco, summarizes: “This project reflects Barco's vision to develop innovative solutions alongside leading industry partners that shape the future of live entertainment. With our advanced projection technologies, we transform Hal K on the Landmarck site into the Club of the Future. Here, we not only spotlight the best of Flemish entertainment but also push the boundaries of audiovisual experience.”

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