Highly professional board meetings for American pet retailer with PDS-4K

United States - 2023

Board meetings often deal with sensitive information about the company’s organization and financial performances. For the quarterly update of an American pet retailer with more than 1000 locations across the country, no external parties were allowed in the room, (which in this case was an outdoor tent due to Covid restrictions). Don’t Wonder Productions, brought in the PDS-4K, which enabled the end-customer to manage their content independently with ease and engage the most critical of audiences: investors.

Barco solutions

  • PDS-4K

Key benefits:

  • Multi-screen switching with high-quality 4K processing
  • Easy to operate thanks to intuitive front panel
  • Built for applications requiring the highest reliability

    Don’t Wonder Productions is a full-service production company specializing in video, sound and lighting for live events. They see board meetings increasingly relying on the knowhow from the live industry to convey their message in high-quality visual way to the stakeholders. The American pet retailer called upon their expertise to provide the image processing solutions for their next Investor Relations update. Thanks to its ease-of-use and reliability, the PDS-4K was the right tool.

    The PDS-4K gives that flexibility to manage multiple screens (up to 4K resolution) with different input sources at the same time, to make boardroom presentations or break-out sessions more appealing and engaging.


    Dummy-proof switching, a game-changer for corporate events


    The PDS-4K switcher promises unsurpassed performances and outstanding visual experience while also being exceptionally easy to operate. Before the event, one of the Don’t Wonder Productions technicians installed the switcher and programmed the presets. “We then showed the CTO how to select the preconfigured layouts with just a push of the button on the front panel. And we walked away. It really is that easy!” says Andrew Poley, CEO of Don’t Wonder Productions.


    Guaranteed professionalism


    When sharing the quarterly results with important stakeholders, professionalism is key. The PDS-4K is a compact switcher delivering premium visual 4K experiences with high dynamic range and smooth transitions. But professionalism also means reliability, an important requirement for this set-up. Nevertheless, Andrew didn’t doubt for a moment: “If I need to make sure that something works right, and doesn’t fail, I go for Barco.”


    He concludes: “This switcher is a game-changer for the corporate event world.”

    If I need to make sure that something works right, and doesn’t fail, I go for Barco.

    Andrew Poley

    CEO of Don't Wonder Productions

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