Barco G60 offers immersive aquatic experience

Saint-Laurent-du-Var , FR - 2020

CAP 3000, Côte d’Azur France
  • Good value in terms of lumen/watts
  • High performance for the price
  • Innovative brand
As part of an ambitious re-launch, the French cinema chain MK2 together with the French property developer Altarea, decided to create a family-friendly aquatic experience called Océans at the CAP 3000 shopping center in Saint-Laurent-du-Var near Nice in the south of France. The chain already operates a cinema in the same location.

Super Bien, the creative agency behind this ambitious project, selected the French Group ID Scènes as partner in crime for the entire technical realization.  Together with the oceanographic museum in Monaco, they designed and built the experience as a fully immersive trip that goes from a beach to the depths of the sea. People tend to visit shopping centers with their family members. The teams of SuperBien and ID Scènes cooperated to offer these families a bigger experience, while also underlining the center’s innovation. 

After a close study of the market, ID Scènes eventually opted to use Barco’s G60 single-chip projector range.  They provide the right combination of projection quality, lumen, wattage and price for the attraction. 

The three rooms offer visitors a profoundly immersive experience that totally surrounds them in the image, but also the sound. The 360° ground-to-ceiling immersion plunges the center’s visitors into a unique aquatic experience. Touch sensors allow interaction and guided visits mean that it is suitable for both pure entertainment – the wow effect of gliding underwater – and educational excursions.

An important factor of any center of this kind is to give the designers the freedom to tell the story they want. The G60’s superior blending opens the door to visual storytelling in a dramatic, engaging way. Their uniform compact size, the compatibility with other Barco products and the wide lens shift range enlarge the projectors’ flexibility. Solid reliability ensures low total cost of ownership for operators of art installations, immersive walk-throughs and architectural mapping. 

Picture courtesy: ID Scènes
“We checked other brands, but Barco got back to us with superb products, and we built a great relationship.”

Christophe Aubry

ID Scènes

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