Projection mapping deepens worship experience

Mysore, IN - 2018

This is the first Hindu deity to be worshipped through new technology. Sri Swamiji’s signature style of thinking is to blend tradition with technology. He was the first to endorse the digital sampling of music, the first to use wearable technology to remotely measure the heart rate variability of his devotees and assess their levels of meditative calm and the first to be made into a 3D hologram. For some time, he had wanted to find a powerful way to illustrate some prayers related to Karya Siddhi Hanuman.


  • 1 x HDX-4K20 


  • Visually stunning 
  • Perfect for storytelling

Avadhoota Datta Peetham is an Indian international spiritual, cultural andsocial welfare organisation established by His Holiness Sri GanapathySachchidananda Swamiji in Mysore over 50 years ago. Sri Swamiji’s visionand compassion inspires the Peetham to run a variety of programs,activities and projects towards enrichment of human life. The centercontains a number of parks and shrines, including a statue of the Hindudeity Karya Siddhi Hanuman.

Illustrating Hanuman’s story

Hanuman was a Vedic scholar revered by Hindus for his valor, humility and loyalty.The statue at Datta Peetham stands on a pedestal of 30 feet with a small shrine.This is an ambitious project right from the selection of the stone, transport of thehuge 200-tonne material, transformation to Hanuman Murthy and all the way tothe inauguration attended by devotees from 40 countries. The crown jewel of thismonumental work is the projection of images that illustrate the story of Hanuman.

From idea to projection

The center called in a powerful team for this project. The concept and execution was done by Mani Shankar, renowned Bollywood film maker, engineer, inventor and 3D holography expert. Shankar is also a student of Vedanta and is an ardent student of Indian philosophy and tradition. Anjali Joshi, Bollywood writer, producer and production designer, supervised the work with music by Sanjay Wandrekar.

Stability and consistency

Development of the project took six months in all, with the choice of the projector coming towards the end. “Barco was selected on the basis of technical evaluation that took into consideration all aspects, including cost and deliverables,” says Anjali Joshi, Creative Supervisor of the Projection Mapping. “The quality and service matched our expectations. The technicians were very co-operative and knowledgeable.” 

The powerful and finely-detailed projections are intended as an aid to worship and have proved very popular at the ashram. “The installation on the Hanuman statue is not just a projection mapping. It is also a conceptually powerful art installation that ignites the minds of the viewers. We are seeing many repeat viewings by devotees and tourists,” continues Mani Shankar, Creator & Director of the Projection Mapping. 

Barco’s HDX-4K20 is visually stunning and has been wonderfully adapted for story-telling by the creative team.

Anjali Joshi

Creative Supervisor of the Projection Mapping

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