Kakogawa Medical Center in Japan upgrades radiology department with Barco Nio 5MP displays

Hyogo, JP - 2019

The Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Medical Care Center is a public hospital in the western region of Japan, with 25 departments, 353 beds and helicopter emergency medical services. They were looking to purchase new diagnostic displays for both the mammography and radiology departments.

Barco Solution

  • Nio 5MP LED dual head display

Why Barco?

  • Highest rating of image quality
  • Superior display brightness

Up to this point, the hospital had been using an alternative supplier for years but wanted to review their options. Upon comparison, it became clear that Barco had the best products. Barco got the highest rating compared to competitors, especially at the point of image quality. Barco won the replacement competition and the hospital installed four sets of the Nio 5MP LED dual head displays.

The well regarded Nio 5MP LED is a 5MP diagnostic grayscale display system with a 2,560x2,048 resolution that has a front sensor for on-demand image quality checks. It also features Barco LED technology to unveil the subtlest details, a crucial component when it comes to mammography.

With accurate grayscale rendering and bright and power efficient LED backlights, this dependable Barco monitor has excellent image quality for confident diagnoses. Department of Breast Surgery Dr. Ishikawa of Kakogawa Medical Center concurs, “The superior display brightness is vital for diagnosing radiology and mammography images.” Dr. Kobayashi, another Breast Surgery doctors adds, “The high brightness unveils the smallest details, which allows us to more easily find lesions via micro calcification.”

The superior display brightness is vital for diagnosing radiology and mammography images.

Dr. Ishikawa

Department of Breast Surgery, Kakogawa Medical Center

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