Barco UDX projectors illuminate a spectacular wedding in Indonesia

Jakarta, ID - 2018

Barco Solution

  • UDX-4K32 Projector
  • HDF-W26 projector

Why Barco?

  • Outstanding brightness
  • High resolution
  • Wide color spectrum

The wedding of Mr. Nicky and Ms. Nia in July 2018 was an event like no other, where the couple wanted to have a modern and memorable celebration. In order to fulfill their dream,  Barco partner PT Sima Agustus utilizing Barco projection technology to transform the Jakarta Raffles Hotel Ballroom into a Fantasy wonderland with colorful lighting and spectacular images resulting unbelievable experiences.

As wedding guests entered the ballroom, they were transported into a world of lights, images, and sounds. The unique projection-mapping setup turned the entire room into a stage for celebration.  Various images from underwater sea paradise to an enchanted woodland and even filled with columns and chandeliers that echoed the most beautiful ballrooms ever danced in.

Creating this magical setting was an exciting challenge for PT Sima Agustus. “Barco projectors were the obvious choice. They offer outstanding brightness, resolution and reliability. They’re also incredibly easy to install and operate, making them perfect for events,” Purwa Karnadjaja, Technical Manager, PT Sima Agustus.

9 sets of Barco projectors were used to cover a gigantic, 118 m x 6 m screen with crystal-clear images creating an immersive effect, one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Barco projectors provide ultra-bright, stunning pictures in 4K UHD resolution and offer the widest color spectrum in the industry. The breathtaking display seen at the wedding was powered by three UDX-4K32 and six HDF-W26 projectors, unique combination between UDX Laser Phosphor and HDF Xenon lamp technology together. All the projectors are installed on the ceiling of the ballroom and fully calibrated perfectly using BARCO color spectrum to achieve constant color uniformity for specular wide screen images.

The newlyweds couldn’t be happier. Their perfect day was brought to life with a mesmerizing combination of images, lights and sounds that delighted and impressed every attendee. It was the first time Barco’s UDX 4K large venue projectors were utilized in Jakarta to enhance an event space and this glowing success lights the way for future events.

UDX Unbelievable !!!

"Barco Projectors offer outstanding brightness, resolution and reliability, making them perfect for events,”

Purwa Karnadjaja

Technical Manager, PT Sima Agustus

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