Barco projectors dazzle guests with impressive displays at the SCO summit

Qingdao, CN - 2018

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in June 2018 opened with a spectacular gala to welcome the many international guests. Lighting extravaganzas were created using unique projection techniques, all made possible by Barco’s top-quality projectors. Often used to bring major national events to life, the SCO summit saw them rise to the challenge once again.

Barco solution:

  • 16 x UDX-4K32
  • 12 x HDF-W26
  • 18 x HDF-W30LP
  • 7 x UDX W22
  • 4 xF90
  • 2 x E2
  • 2 x S3
  • 2 x EC 200
  • 2 x EC 50

Why Barco:

  • Reliability  
  • Image quality  
  • Stability 

The summit began with a lighting and fireworks show with the theme “A Warm Welcome to Friends from Afar”. The main stage included a particularly complex, wire mesh screen, with a projection space 175 meters wide and 25 meters high. To achieve the best results, the projectors needed to be ultra-bright—a standard feature as far as Barco is concerned—and capable of projecting and overlapping three layers of images on the screen. A total of 46 Barco projectors were used for the show. They include high-end HDF and UDX projectors; 34 were laser-phosphor projectors with an output of over 30,000 lumens and the entire installation out-performed the Rec.709 color space, delivering incredible effects.

Barco projectors also welcomed SCO guests with two magnificent 3D-mapping lighting shows. They illuminated the landmarks around the city in startling displays that combined spectacular colours with an incredible sensation of physical presence. The first of the 3D-mapping shows used seven UDX W22 projectors to create a ship sculpture, while four F90 projectors were responsible for the shell sculpture in the second show. Both perfectly suited to the beach setting, these beautiful and artistic displays were excellent demonstrations of the possibilities that result when light and technology are brought together. 

“The impressive capabilities of the Barco projectors created the wow factor we were after,” says Sha Xiaolan, Chief Producer of the lighting and fireworks show. “The colors were so clearly refined and displayed subtle nuances in the images beautifully.”

Barco technology was responsible for more than simply stunning visual displays at the SCO summit. They also provided the IP solutions that enabled the success of the roundtable conference—an all-day meeting requiring constant and accurate signal transmission.

Sha Xiaolan had praise for Barco beyond the amazing image quality of the projectors. He also noted that their stability and reliability is the best on the market. And he was equally impressed with the professional and technical skills of the Barco team: “With outstanding products and a professional technical team, Barco can truly deliver on all major projects.”

The colors were so clearly refined and displayed subtle nuances in the images beautifully.

Sha Xiaolan

Chief Producer of the lighting and fireworks show

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