Barco brings images to South Korea's first spherical theater: Space 360

Gwangju, KR - 2018

Barco Solution

  •  PGWU-62L

Why Barco?

  • Brightness
  • High-quality images
  • Laser Projector
  • 3D models

Gwangju, South Korea

The Gwangju National Science Museum is a leading source of science and technology information in Honam Province. Its exhibitions offer fun, education and leisure. This entertainment-based approach promotes interest and involvement in scientific fields, enhancing future scientific technology and cultural development.

Space 360 is a 360-degree spherical projection theater—the first of its kind in South Korea—based in the Science Museum. The sphere is 12 meters in diameter with 12 projectors providing an immersive Virtual Reality experience using the latest technology—no headsets required! Visitors walk onto a transparent bridge that crosses the sphere’s interior and the show begins all around, above and below them.

Barco projectors beat the competition
The projector system for Space 360 was designed by Front Pictures, incorporating a host of clever engineering ideas. The design team considered projector models from four different vendors. They devised a dozen different possible projection layouts and used 3D models of the venue to calculate each projector position and tilt capability. When their calculations were complete, Barco PGWU-62L projectors were, hands down, the best candidates for the job. 

Unique image quality on a unique screen
Thanks to the laser phosphor technology, Barco PGWU-62L projectors were the only ones able to support 360-degree rotation and meet the museum’s request. The lamp-free design ensures a light-source lifetime of 20,000 hours which reduces maintenance costs considerably. Their lightweight and compact design made it a piece of cake to install them behind the spherical screen and with a noise level of only 35 dB, they were the quietest option—an important consideration in creating an immersive experience. With the high-quality images produced in 1920x1200 resolution multiplied by 12 projectors, the designers of Space 360 had enough pixel density to cover 450 m² of the spherical screen without significant geometrical distortion.

A spherical vision of the future
Thanks to Barco technology, Gwangju National Science Museum has taken a great leap forward in education and entertainment. The possibilities for future exhibitions using the spherical theater and technology are endless. Barco looks forward to providing solutions for every technological ambition they can dream up. 

Thanks to Barco technology, we have taken a great leap forward in education and entertainment.

Gwangju National Science Museum

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