Breathtaking photorealistic LED imagery graces LA landmark

Los Angeles, California, US - 2017

When OUE principals embarked upon a grand renovation of a newly acquired LA skyscraper, they envisioned a dramatic lobby display to welcome guests as well as intrigue passersby. The solution? A custom LED wall that uniquely fulfilled both objectives, designed by Niles Creative Group.

Barco Solution

  • Barco X4.5 curved LED display
  • Infinipix™ LED processing platform

Why Barco?

  • Energy efficient - generates less heat, reduces power consumption
  • Brilliant, photorealistic imagery with true colors
  • High reliability and durability

The OUE Tower is a beacon in the Los Angeles skyline, rising 1,018 feet over the city as the 14th tallest building in the United States. Its jewel in the crown is a brilliant, curved LED display in the newly expanded lobby. David Niles, artist and founder of Niles Creative Group tackled the challenge of stringent air conditioning limitations by the Los Angeles Building Department and the addition of a glass wall facing the hot, southern California sun. Using custom LED tiles co-developed by Barco and Silicon Core and driven by Barco Infinipix™ processing, the disply was as “green” as it was visually spectacular. The result was a remarkable technological achievement that exceeded expectations for color accuracy, reliability and energy efficiency.

The precision engineering and durability of Barco frames is unsurpassed in the industry.

David Niles

Artist and founder of Niles Creative Group

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