Historic Tuscany shines in dazzling projection mapping

Siena, IT - 2017

The city of Siena is one of Italy’s Tuscan gems. With a city center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – featuring a Gothic town hall, 14th century tower, amazing vistas and medieval ambiance –, Siena was deemed the perfect place to combine ancient with novel… In the form of a projection mapping that stunned every spectator, taking them on a trip through the history of the city.

Barco solution

  • HDF-W30 projector
  • HDX-W20 projector

Why Barco?

  • Image quality
Medieval canvas, cutting-edge “paint”
From the 4th of July to 30th September 2016, the Piazza Jacopo della Quercia of Siena, Italy served as the medieval canvas for a projection mapping that brought the history of the city to life. The show was realized by production house Unità C1, supported by the Metropolitan Opera of Siena and the municipality itself, attracting tourists (and natives) from near and far.

Local Barco partners IC Videopro and Service 2 Service integrated 16 Barco projectors (eight HDF-W30 and eight HDX-W20) for this challenging mapping. Together, the projectors provided 400,000 lumens of light output and 7,000-pixel resolution throughout the 40-minute show. The mapping featured around 50 artists and artisans from Siena, and visitors could enjoy the show in four languages from any of the 500 perfectly-placed seats provided. The astonishing mapping transported visitors through time and space, putting the ateliers, art, traditions and secrets on vivid display.

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