Belgacom Network Operations Center

Brussel, BE - 2013

Facing tomorrow’s challenges with a networked, LED video wall

In today’s highly connected world, round-the-clock availability of our telecoms network is crucial, for consumers as well as companies. Telecoms operators therefore invest heavily in robust solutions to monitor the networks and intervene when necessary. At Belgium`s telecom leader Belgacom, the operators in the Network Operation Center make sure everything runs smoothly, 24/7.

Since 2005, a Barco video wall has been facilitating their work. A recent upgrade has enabled them to anticipate future challenges even better. The new TransForm N platform guarantees a smooth and secure transfer of video, images and data between different workstations and walls, thus fostering collaboration. And by replacing the lamps by LEDs, Belgacom saves hugely on maintenance costs, while boosting its eco-friendly image.

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