aixCAVE Aachen

Aachen, DE - 2012

Barco’s largest, most advanced virtual reality iSPACE is housed at Aachen University

The RWTH Aachen University has built up a worldwide reputation in simulation science.
Professor Kuhlen, head of the Virtual Reality Lab at the university’s Center for Computing and Communication, has been creating interactive, virtual worlds for years. The Center is now housing the world’s largest, most sophisticated virtual reality environment.

Barco was called upon to design and install the five-sided CAVE, powered by 24 Barco NW-12 Galaxy projectors. “We wanted the new CAVE to be larger, with 4K resolution and active stereo. There weren’t many companies that could meet our tough demands,” Professor Kuhlen explained.

With each wall measuring 5.25 meters in length and stretching to 3.3 meters in height, the aixCAVE is large enough for several people to walk around in. On top of that, the achieved projection quality makes for a high level of immersion and an illusion of presence.


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