Barco Global Procurement Sustainability Commitment

Here we want to outline Barco’s sustainability commitments and requirements towards our supplier community and describe how the Barco Procurement team collaborates with its suppliers so that environmental, social and economic impacts are considered. Procurement team members will always adopt fair business practices according to our Code of Ethics (link: Code of Ethics - Barco). This code of ethics also provides instructions to report – anonymously and without retaliation – any violation or suspicion of violation. 

“The Global Procurement Office plays a key role in building a responsible and resilient supply chain and contributes to the strategic corporate sustainable objectives of Barco. By making this commitment, we ensure that our products and services are produced and sourced in a manner that respects human rights, promotes sustainable development, and contributes to a bright social and environmental tomorrow.”


Marc Callemeyn

VP Global Procurement

1. Barco’s Global Procurement Office is committed to source products and services from suppliers that

  • comply and adhere to all applicable local laws and regulations
  • respect internationally-recognized Human Rights as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization's Core Conventions, the UN Guiding Principles on business and Human Rights, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • uphold the highest ethical business standards. We require our major suppliers to formally underwrite the Barco Code of Conduct for suppliers (link: based upon the principles of the Responsible Business Alliance – which include social, environmental and governance topics. The code of conduct covers standards related to       
    • Labour (e.g., child labour, working hours, fair wages, and benefits, …
    • Health and safety (e.g., occupational safety, industrial hygiene, sanitation, …
    • Environment (e.g., Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, pollution prevention, hazardous substances, …)
    • Ethics (e.g., Business integrity, anti-bribery, fair business and competition, protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation
  • comply with our Product Compliance Requirements Code and Barco Substance list to ensure the selection of durable, environmentally-friendly products
  • adhere to the Barco Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy.

2. To honor this commitment, the Barco Global Procurement Office will

  • raise awareness among our suppliers by communicating the Barco Sustainability strategy (link: Sustainability - Barco) and informing them about our ethics helpline (link: Trust center | Barco)

  • embed a sustainability assessment in the selection/onboarding of new suppliers and when granting new business to existing suppliers.
    • Perform sustainability risk screening of the critical production supply base and define actions to remediate the identified risks
    • Ensure suppliers underwrite the Supplier Code of Conduct or have similar rules of conduct in place.
    • Consider the full environmental impact while assessing the value of products and services when economically viable.

  • Contractually formalize sustainability requirements
    • Include a sustainability clause in the contractual and commercial agreements with our important suppliers
  • Performance Monitoring & improvement plans 
    • Monitor adherence to the requirements and report suppliers not meeting our requirements. Engage with these suppliers in a constructive dialogue. 
    • Support suppliers in implementing action plans to target specific areas for improvement, e.g., by providing training

  •  Transparently communicate about our progress and results on how we fulfil our responsibility to advance supplier sustainability
  • Train our (procurement) employees on responsible supply chain principles
  • Barco Procurement will recognize the sustainability efforts and actions of its suppliers and their adherence towards the Barco sustainability program.

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