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Santikos Names Cinionic Exclusive Technology Partner

Providing future-ready laser cinema solutions and Barco Alchemy media servers until 2024
SACRAMENTO – October 06, 2021 – Santikos has selected Cinionic, the Barco, CGS, and ALPD cinema joint venture, as its exclusive technology partner for the next three years. Under the new agreement, Cinionic will power the San Antonio, Texas based circuit with laser cinema solutions and Barco Alchemy media servers. The exclusive partnership builds on Santikos’ long-standing relationship with Cinionic.

“We’ve never doubted the strength of cinema and its ability to withstand this challenging year,” says Tim Handren, Santikos CEO. “Theaters are here to stay and with Cinionic’s proven track record of innovation and excellence, we can ensure Santikos returns better than ever before by providing an unparalleled viewing experience for our audiences here in Texas.” 

Exceptional moviegoing experiences are at the core of the Santikos mission. The family-run exhibitor puts an emphasis on highlighting the latest in cinema technology and was the first North American circuit to move to all-laser projection. The exclusive relationship with Cinionic ensures Santikos has access to the latest future-ready laser solutions, offering superior brightness, color performance, and exceptional image quality onscreen. With the addition of Barco Alchemy media servers to Cinionic laser projection in all prospective new builds and renewals, Santikos enjoys the benefits of a fully integrated cinema solution. 

“Santikos’ forward-thinking approach made them an early leader in laser cinema,” says Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “Cinionic shares Santikos’ dedication to shaping the future of moviegoing with elevated and unforgettable entertainment experiences. Together, we continue to leverage Cinionic’s leading laser projection suite to wow audiences and remind them of the power of cinema.”

As cinemas prepare to excite and entertain the audiences of tomorrow, today, Cinionic’s leading portfolio of all-laser solutions and services offers the exceptional presentation quality and peace of mind they need. Today’s Santikos announcement reflects an ongoing commitment by Cinionic to support exhibition and shape the future of moviegoing, together.


About Santikos: 

For over 100 years, the Santikos family has produced an unparalleled theater experience. The San Antonio, TX-based theater chain operates ten theaters, with an eleventh expected to open soon. Initially a family-run business, the late owner, John L. Santikos (son of founder Louis Santikos), gifted the company to San Antonio through the San Antonio Area Foundation and created the only social enterprise entertainment company in the country. 

The Santikos name means more than just movies. It means their profits help fund education, arts and culture, and medical research. Their mission means you will not find their greatest stories listed on the marquee. You see their greatest stories in their communities as their passion for helping others is unmatched by any competitor. 

Since its inception Santikos has remained at the forefront of innovations in cinema technology, providing moviegoers with the best experience possible. Santikos is now home to the first all-laser projection site in North America, thanks to its latest collaboration with Cinionic. 

About Cinionic

Founded in 2018 as a cinema joint venture between Barco, CGS, and ALPD, Cinionic unites global leaders committed to creating a new visual standard and moving the cinema industry forward. Cinionic’s future-ready enhanced services and technology solutions provide compelling cinema experiences. The company’s world-class technology portfolio includes award-winning laser projectors, HDR, integrated media servers, and premium cinema experiences, among other innovations. 

With more than 95,000 projectors installed globally, Cinionic is trusted by more than 200 exhibitors to help capture audiences at multiple touchpoints in their cinema journey and keep them coming back for more. Today, more than half of the world’s movie theaters are illuminated by Cinionic.

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